Monday, November 28, 2011

Static Support

The cold winter air is right around the corner and that means so is staticy hair, it's godawful during the coldest season of the year! Wanna be prepared for Jack Frost? Here are a few supplies you'll need to tackle wintertime hair: Bounce dryer sheets are my GoTo because you can keep them in your purse and car, rub one on the top of your head and watch the static instantly disappear. Stop the static before it starts with Goldwell Kerasilk's Instant Silk Fluid, it's a highly-concentrated leave-in cream that I've sworn by for years. You apply to damp hair before drying and it leaves the hair excessively soft. Here's another never-fail option! I don't recommend spraying this directly onto your hair though, spray Static Guard onto your brush or hand first, and then into hair. This seriously works every time. My last suggestion is a tad pricey, however you will notice an immediate change in the condition of your hair after using Pureology Nanoworks Reconstructing Treatment.

Fishtail Fruition

I've been practicing this frequently for the past year and by golly, I think I've finally got it!

Lockout Liberation

Not only is the NBA Lockout over, my Hairstyling Lockout has been abolished as well.
I'm elated to announce I'll be taking clients full time again, baby!

Fall Fringe

 All Over Layers
 Barely There Layers
 Long Bangs
 Long Layers
 The Pixie
 The Rihanna Crop
 The Shaggy Bob
Wavy Bob With Bangs

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crimson Conversion

I have a really exciting upcoming hair modification that I'm so pumped about! A colleague of mine is a natural blonde and annually she likes to go red for fall, Emma Stone and Amy Adams are two redheads that are currently inspiring her change. Man, I seriously cannot wait to get my hands in her hair, one week to go!